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The Lisa Francesca Nand Q&A Interview
Exclusive to talkSPORT1089.co.uk

Lisa Francesca Nand is talkSPORT's Traffic & Travel Reporter every
afternoon during Hawksbee & Jacobs where she gives her take on the all
the gossip from the world of sport and showbiz, before providing the
latest travel news to the millions of people on the roads and motorways.

She also works for several BBC Local Radio Stations including BBC Southern
Counties working on The Tommy Boyd Show and also presents her own
Sunday Love Songs show. Chessy has also had a stint on Passion FM
where she is able to witter on about her great love of celebrities and music.

Chessy's role as a traffic & travel reporter means she must read bulletins on
several different radio stations during her shift. She almost got it wrong once
and says it's "terrifying" to think that she may mention the BBC on a
commercial station or vice versa bu she always gets it right for talkSPORT.

You have worked on a number of radio stations as a presenter including your current role as host of Sunday Love Songs on BBC Southern Counties Radio. Which BBC and commercial radio stations have you worked for as a presenter and what were your roles at each of them?
I jacked in a job in the music industry and events to do radio but love being able to combine the two and do a bit of music chat. As well as doing Love Songs which goes out on BBC Southern Counties Radio and BBC Radio Solent I used to present a dance music show on passionradio.co.uk. I'm a freelance reporter, newsreader and even sportsreader and also occasionally cover as a co-host with Tommy Boyd on BBC Southern Counties Radio andnd basically anyone else who will let me!

In addition to your role as a presenter, you are currently talkSPORT's Traffic & Travel reporter during Hawksbee & Jacobs. How did you get your role at Trafficlink and what other radio stations do you regularly speak on during your afternoon shift?
I found I was doing more and more presenting work and voiceovers. I really enjoying it so I went back to college to train as a Broadcast Journalist. As a kid I used to act and model and missed that side of
performing. Radio is generally quite difficult to get in to, particularly as the pay is quite low so it's a tough path to follow, but I started working at Trafficlink part-time when at college and then went full-time.  As well as talkSPORT I do travel for BBC Southern Counties Radio, BBC Three Counties Radio, Sunrise Radio in London, Passion in Oxford and Star 107 in Cambridge as well as the occasional TV shift doing GMTV and (before it's demise...nothing to do with me I promise!) the ITV News Channel.

Paul and Andy have included you in their programme for the last few months during your Travel Bulletins, but how did this interaction start and do you enjoy your conversations with them?

I'm not sure how it started. From the first day in October 2004 they always chatted me but I think it just got to the stage where they found they couldn't shut me up and just let me be part of it! I love being on there with them as they really make me laugh and I enjoy a good banter! What you don't hear is that I am also having the same sort of conversations behind the scenes before I go on air so it's all really a very good laugh.

As has been mentioned, you work on BBC Southern Counties radio but in addition to your Love Songs show you have been co-presenter and contributor to Tommy Boyd's Saturday night programme. How does it feel to be working with such a legend of broadcasting?
Tommy has always been great to work with. He's so easy to talk to and always makes me laughso he makes it easy to relax with him and it never feels like work. I feel lucky to have worked with him and would like to do more with him if possible in the future.

You have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the London College of Printing. How has this helped you achieve your aims and aspirations of becoming a radio presenter?
The course opened doors that would probably otherwise been closed to me. A lot of the times these things can be made easier if you know people but I knew no-one and had to start from the ground upwards. It was tough though as it's a full-time course and left little time to work so I had to live on loans and get nice mates to get the drinks in occasionally. Whilst at college I did get a job at Newsnight where I was responsible for
making sure all the politicians on to the set and had some interesting conversations on the way.

You have broken into broadcasting at a relatively young age but what are your future goals, hopes and aspirations in the world of broadcasting? Would you like to remain in radio or venture into television?
Radio is a great laugh and I am really enjoying it. I'd obviously like to work my way up a bit so more TV would be good to do as well. In a few years time I would love to present something or co-present something on a good radio station, do a spot of television and do a bit of writing as well. But if I have to stick to radio I am happy. There's nothing worse (work-wise!) than not liking your job.

Do you have a favourite radio station or presenter that you listen to on a regular basis or do you prefer to just find a station playing your kind of music and leave it at that?
Tommy Boyd of course, and I used to like listening to Danny Baker on BBC London but can't catch his afternoon show now. I like flicking through local stations and listen to Virgin Radio and BBC Radio 1 sometimes for music. I like to keep up with what's new on the scene too by going to dodgy gigs in Brighton where you always get some good acts. Passionradio.co.uk is great music to dance to if getting ready for a night out and I would like to still do the show on there but just don't have the time.

Despite not being a massive sports fan you have managed to get into some of the biggest matches in the past few years including England's 5-1 win against Germany and England v Portugal at Euro 2004. How did you manage to get so lucky as to get into these big games?
I love big or important matches and can always be found in the pub staring at the screen at such times. But going to the England 5-1 Germany game was amazing. I managed to blag free tickets and hotels as part of my old job and about 30 of us went down on the Leicester City Team Coach with some of the ex-players! My job used to be mainly about schmoozing clients so there were always a few good freebies to blag. The Portugal game was just luck as we entered a ticket lottery. It can go wrong though!

You have said on-air that you have tickets to some of Ukraine's matches at the 2006 World Cup. What games did you actually apply for and what games would you like in Germany?
Ah yes. So I am going to be going to Ukraine v Saudi Arabia and Ukraine v Tunisia!  As I said, the lottery system does not always work. But, I am going to do my best to blag some other tickets so watch this space!

Do you follow the fortunes of any clubs sides, whether in England or in Spain, and have you been to any of their matches this season at all?
I haven't been to anything this season mainly because I've been working my ass off (am I allowed to say that in such polite company?) but I would love to go see Brighton again soon and really want to go see Malaga when am over with my parents.

Do you think England stand a chance of winning the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and are you a fan of a Sven Goran Eriksson or would you like to have seen another man in the job to take us to the World Cup?
I would like to say yes we can go all the way to the top but you just never know with these things and it's heartbreaking when we get knocked out. It would be about time really so fingers crossed!  I love big competitions so can't wait even though I may only be seeing Ukraine the atmosphere is going to be amazing
As for Sven, I remember seeing a documentary about him a couple of years ago about his somewhat holisitc approach to training and I was particularly interested in some of the psychological methods he uses. I think he's done a great job and we give him quite a hard time when he doesn't come up with goods. I guess his job has a time limit to it and eventually things will need a new way of looking at things but for the time being he seems like the right man for the job.

Who were your idols as a child?
I went from wanting to be a rock climber to a ballerina on a day to day basis before getting into music and acting. Then I was into skateboarding mainly as the boys were and I always wanted to be one of the lads!  Then again I had BROS posters on my wall and even tried to be a goth for a while (white make-up and black leather gets a bit too hot on the Costa del Sol!). We were a bit starved of popular English culture in Spain so
grabbed anything we could. I guess predictably my main idols were whatever good-looking pop star was around at the time from Simon Le Bon and George Michael to Take That.

Who's the most famous person you have in your mobile phone/address book?
I have two current ones. Chris Eubank and Norman Cook, both of whom I've interviewed and both very lovely. But I've worked backstage with some quite well known people so somewhere have the mobile numbers for the people who deal with David Bowie, George Michael and Robbie Williams. I am sure they have probably changed their numbers since and I haven't used them for years. Ever since the restraining order...

What was the last CD you bought, and which CD's are in your car?
Just got the new Franz Ferdinand album You Could Have It So Much Better and Hard Fi's Stars of CCTV but I am too poor for a car so haven't got one to listen to the CD's in!

What was the last film you saw at the cinema and what did you think of it? Have you seen any other films you would like to recommend to listeners?
There's this great new cinema opened in Greenwich which has big comfy seats and you can take your drinks in so I've been going to the cinema a lot more. Narnia was amazing which brought lots of childhood memories of reading the books (as opposed to finding a magic land in the back of my wardrobe and hanging around with a large talking lion).

What books are you currently reading, and are there any that you have recently read that you would like to recommend to listeners?
I used to love reading but don't have much time at the moment. Most days I am reading dodgy showbiz websites to educate myself for the sake of my work. If I have time I can read a book in a few hours though so when I get some time off will be making up for lost time.

And finally, where do you see yourself in 10 years time in your life?
Hopefully doing work that makes me happy and having enough time off to see the people I care about more.

Thanks to Chessy for the chance to interview her. You can check out Chessy every afternoon on talkSPORT Traffic & Travel during Hawksbee & Jacobs and is a presenter on BBC Southern Counties Radio hosting Sunday Love Songs and on Oxford's Passion 107.9 FM.

The Lisa Francesca Nand Q&A Interview
talkSPORT Traffic & Travel
January 2006